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The European Railway Award honours outstanding achievement in the development of sustainable rail transport.

The Award recognises individuals or groups whose bright ideas, ingenious innovation and bold policy initiatives greatly contributed to enhance, grow and strenghten the rail mode today and for the future.

An external jury composed of rail sector CEOs, high-level decision makers from European and international institutions, former winners and selected journalists will vote on the nominations to determine the laureates during the summer.

How to submit an entry

Please use the form below, submitting a separate entry for each nomination you propose.

Each entry must include a CV and/or a detailed description of the achievements of the candidate and meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • - Recipients of the award will have demonstrated a strong contribution to improving the European rail sector through technological advancement, innovation or game-changing political decisions that have supported the sector.
  • - Candidates can be individuals or teams (partners of an EU project, members of a working group, etc.)
  • - Candidates must be European citizens or working for a European company.
  • - Candidates can be employed or retired.



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