We are delighted to announce that our Rail Champion Award 2023 goes to Ukrainian Railways (UZ), for their remarkable resilience and continuation of transport services in war times.

Since the start of the war, Ukrainian Railways have provided a lifeline to millions of displaced citizens and kept vital aid and supplies flowing through the country. Working under the most difficult and dangerous conditions, UZ employees' heroic efforts are ensuring the continuation of transport services according to a regular railway schedule. These efforts demonstrate the enormous resilience and crisis fitness of the railway system and the importance of strong railway companies. The ongoing achievement is highly deserving of our honorary recognition, with which we would also like to underline the EU community’s solidarity and support. 

The European Railway Award's 'Rail Champion' title is an honorary recognition jointly bestowed by CER & UNIFE. Join us on 31 January for the official award ceremony, where Ukrainian Railways Board Member Mr Oleksandr Pertsovskyi will collect the award on behalf of UZ and its entire workforce.

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